About Us

BAM Media takes off!

BAM Media is the first global provider of “Liquid-Targeting” in online marketing services. BAM uses artificial intelligence to define targeting on demand within a unique dimension. The use of AI creates unprecedented relevance with your target group and offers you new alternatives to the big players such as Google and Facebook.
BAM Media’s innovative technology is the first truly emotional/dialogical solution to provide the goal-orientated communication your customers have always wanted. It aligns itself flexibly to both the physical and digital environment of the modern consumer.
BAM Media stands for Best Audience Marketing – the Big Bang of modern marketing.


Know what you want tomorrow. With our intelligent matching service, collaboration with powerful partners and clever code, we predict the sales of tomorrow. Through intelligent matching across our entire network, we create forecasts using data, key characteristics and behavioral patterns. Our differentiated service gives you the future. BAM!

Concepts and Development

We transform your ideas and challenges into a sustainable concept while individually integrating all necessary channels and platforms. A team of experts in strategy, sales, marketing and performance turns your vision into reality. Share your vision with us and we’ll build you a team. BAM!

Generating content leads

Anyone can offer leads. BAM Media offers more. Using our content portals, we put together a unique set of leads that exactly hits your target group. Merging technology, performance and editing, BAM Media achieves lead quality that can be precisely integrated into your marketing processes and deliver real sales. Get more than leads – get sales. BAM!

Email Campaigns

We plan your campaign from start to finish. Selecting from more than 15 million data points, we accompany you from concept all the way to optimized dispatch. By using intelligent list selection, consistent quality control and dedicated campaign support, we act quickly and responsively to deliver your message to the consumer.
Email sent, shopping cart full. BAM!

Performance Marketing

We specialize in finding the right channel for your requirements. Need traffic for your project? Want to tweet instead of email? We can help. We constantly look beyond the horizon to provide you with an outlook beyond the planet. Our performance teams live, breathe and sleep Likes, placing your message right where it belongs: at your users’ fingertips. Traffic sorted, new customers gained. BAM!

Qualification of Data

We give you knowledge about your data streams find out more about your customer base and optimize your existing data – even before you reach out. We provide key identifiers from over 1,000 criteria to give your data pool a boost and enhance your new data to optimize sales. Data delivered, profiles obtained. BAM!

More success through content-oriented leads

Stellar Content

BAM Media’s publishing team constantly delivers compelling content to our far-reaching platforms. The latest trends and products provide our users with both entertainment and relevant information. In the same way, our teams curate our exclusive customer portals with special topics such as numismatics, the great outdoors and social issues. Innovative methodology combined with optimized performance means you always achieve the best possible communication channel between your message and your users.





No success without a team

Explorers of the BAM universe

With a team of over 40 people, we are your partner on the path to success. We value the perfect match. We’re more than just experts specializing in everything online marketing, sales and IT. We bring leading-edge ideas, up-to-date knowledge and creativity to the table – the perfect combination just for you at BAM Media.

Ansgar Ellmer

Chief Executive Officer